Clam Trees on Rock Harbor - JPW_1027
Last Call at Skaket Beach.Smith
Last Light
Ocean Hake
Green Apples
Wilson_A Summer Sperctacular
Smith_Sundown at Crosby Beach
Boudreau_Sunset on the Bay
Guidess_Fire Sky on the Wharf _24x20    Oil    $475
Barnes_I'll Leave the Light On
Johnson_Evening Relaxation
Brant Light
Provincetown Shorebirds
Catching the Last Light_Kennedy
Before the Bay Tide Turns
Elegant Harmony_Johnson
When the Wind Blows_Raymond
Orange Dahlias in Purple_Darcy
The Heart of Sea Glass.
Sandy Neck Shadows
Seabirds Love the Ocean-NS
Dune 2
Rollin' In
Pryce_Done for the Day

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On a day when the wind is perfect, the sail just needs to open and the world is full of beauty."

— Rumi



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