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Eastwind's  Gallery Special Events begin June 24 (Select menu above);

Ready today:  Visit our Opening Exhibit"AWAKENING"* 

or Shop On Line at your Convenience

The world awakes, From slumber deep, the earth shakes, As buds unfurl and flowers bloom, In Eastwind's grand and wondrous opening.

"Live & Online Exhibit"

A symphony of color spreads, As petals paint the landscape's threads, From dainty blooms to fields of green, A masterpiece of Spring's serene.

Visit "Awakening" today on line, and be sure to see the exhibit live at the gallery beginning April 25th.  



A gallery of award-winning

Cape Cod Artists featuring original works of fine art in various media including oil, watercolor, pastel, acrylic, fine-point illustration, colored pencil and digital image elaboration.


Eastwind is not only a gallery but also a working studio, and we love to share our process with visitors! 

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