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Cindy Ennes

My name is Cindy Ennes and my body of work includes a range of subjects. I particularly enjoy painting still life, interior and street scene subjects,especially those that capture the beauty and charm of Cape Cod . I also get inspired to interpret the luminous light of the Cape's marsh and wharf landscape,often included a house, bridge or figure.


  I work exclusively in the oil medium and my painting style leans towards impressionism. I often use a palette knife for its beautiful mark making. My natural use of color is bright and bold but I also have work that is more tonal as I love both styles. My desire is always to draw my viewer into my scene and invite them to experience what I have captured.


  I have worked for many years in a variety of mediums-watercolor,acrylic and decorative art. I found my passion in oil painting. I have sought out well recognized and respected artists to learn their techniques and to have their critique and guidance as my journey has been mostly self taught . I'm so grateful and in awe of those I have relied on and learned from : Donna MacLure: Andy Braitman; Eli Cedrone; Mary Bentz Gilkerson; Susan Overstreet and most particularly Ed Chesnovitch. I am indebted to their generous patience and sharing of expertise.



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